untitled 1/3

  • Video, Choreography, Rémy Héritier
    Editing, Rémy Héritier & Guillaume Robert
    Production, GBOD!
    GBOD! / Rémy Héritier est soutenue par DRAC Nord Pas-de-Calais au titre de l’aide à la compagnie 

This film is part of a series of three short films, shot on location in the deserts in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, in the Death Valley, on Mount Saint Helens’ slopes, and  in Marfa vicinities, amongst other places. Some sites were chosen because of their relationship to Land art or minimal art, others for their aesthetic qualities.

Each film sheds a different light on a repeated action : each time, I placed the camera in the middle of a deserted landscape and performed a dance scenario under different lights, circumstances, temperatures. The question «to whom were these dances addressed while performed and filmed ?» remained unanswered as I traveled through the American West.

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