guillaume robert

Guillaume Robert is a visual artist. His art practice involves scripted forms exploring the creative process. Over the last few years this project has taken the form of a series of ‘invitations’ — given to:
a garage mechanic
a geophysicist
performers (dance and theatre)
a blacksmith
a lighting technician
a musician
a brother
a beekeeper

His projects bring specific materials and contexts into play (whether historical, architectural, geopolitical or literary contexts, etc.). He rarely shies away from complexity, nor is he afraid of embracing (modest) epic forms. He enjoys oxymoron and mise en abîme, and is interested in the scopic drive, as well as the consciousness of this drive.
In 2012 he presented his project Propagande (Maison Salvan, Labège) and Drina, which was part of the contemporary art trail in the Lot (Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou, Cajarc). His work has been exhibited at the Les Églises contemporary art centre in Chelles (La paupière, Le seuil), at the Passerelle art centre in Angola, the Françoise Besson gallery in Lyon (This isn’t a poem) and the Maisonneuve gallery in Paris (Nergal). He has taken part in various group shows: Plutôt que rien (Masion populaire, Montreuil), Nulle part est un endroit (CPIF, Pontault-Combault), Anachronismes et autres manipulations spatio-temporelles (40M3, Rennes). His videos have been screened at Femis (pointligneplan), l’Entrepôt cinema (Paris), at the Salaisons (Romainville), among other venues…
He also shot the footage of Rémy Héritier’s shows Chevreuil and une étendue.


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