Facing The Sculpture

  • Premiered September 24, 25 and 26th 2009 at Bains :: Connective – Brussels  Belgium.
  • Choreography Rémy Héritier
    Music Eric Yvelin
    With (depending on the performance) Audrey Gaisan Doncel, Ondine Cloez, Yannick Guédon, Rémy Héritier, Eric Yvelin and Jeune fille orrible (Frédéric Danos, Olivier Nourisson, Audrey Gaisan).
    Production GBOD!

Facing the sculpture is a variable performance piece that stages its permeability to another work of art also present in the performance space. Its content and its poetic quality are the fruit of this encounter. How do two discrete works inform one another? How do they mutually document one another? Can one attain a better perspective/understanding of A by observing B, and vice versa?
Facing the sculpture presents itself as a collection of choreographed sequences which endeavours, on the one hand, to show the duration, space and materiality of a dance or of any other body, the space that separates one element from another, the time that separates one element from another material, mental, historical or intangible element — and on the other, to articulate these data like so many possibilities of making oneself present to that which one beholds, perceives, and all the associations generated by this presence-gaze.
Facing the sculpture is an attempt to bring together, in a given site and moment, the greatest amount of thoughts and acts associated with two works which, on first glance, appear entirely unrelated.
Facing the sculpture was first performed in 2009 with Jeune Fille Orrible — a ‘lyrical infamy principle’ trio that handles and creates acoustic noise and chaos with no amplification of any kind; it then went on to consider, in 2010, a postindustrial landscape whose built elements where direct references to 1960s Minimalist sculpture. In 2011 the experience was repeated at the invitation of Guillaume Robert and his installation La paupière, le seuil (The eye-lid, the threshold) at the Les Églises art centre in Chelles.

(translation Anna Preger for ROSASCAPE)

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