• Premiered March 17th 2008 at TanzQuartierWien, Vienna, Austria
  • Choreography and performance Rémy Héritier
    Production GBOD!
    Thanks to Philipp Gehmacher.
  • With support of DRAC Nord Pas de Calais  (Au titre de l’aide au projet de création chorégraphique).

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«There is a poster seen in Disposition(s) #5, the fifth iteration of a solo which changes according to its venue, a commission from Tanzquartier (Vienna), created and perfomed by Rémy Héritier. The image is of a large university in Moscow, in a non-urbanised environment, photographed at a time when absolutely no one is around. The massive Stalin- era building has a central tower thirty stories tall, on top of which is an arrow with a red star on it, giving off an ominous strangeness. The empty desolation of the building’s surroundings is most striking, accentuating the fictional nature of the photo. It has to do with the insane power of revolutionary construction, the power to create a void, to distort the space. “The poster is a document,” says Rémy Héritier . “A document which, when brought into an artistic research context, not historical, academic, for the press, or documenting something as it was probably intended to do — begins to mean something else. (…)
Using this term, “document,” he establishes a different perspective on a rather too in vogue documentary aesthetic which insidiously negates the very principle of art, in its insatiable appetite for the “real,” according to an indefensible oxymoron which posits that the real does not require that one believe it but that it be encountered, touched.»

Mari-Mai Corbel

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