in the hollow of the built environment

He’s not concerned with the world but with what he might articulate therein, he doesn’t believe he’s found his place, he doesn’t know what point he’s at. He’s fourteen years old. Gus Van Sant is on repeat. He’s re-reading Akira. He moves skilfully along the embankment, zigzagging between the passers-by. He moves skilfully between the branches of the trees at the end of the promenades overlooking the rivers. His mother is Japanese. He visited the southern part of the archipelago once. He swam in the sea with fresh, open eyes. He returned to Seattle more supple.The fluid immanence of the animated bodies in the immobile setting of the hollow in the built environment.

Une étendue gradually composes acts by triggering a determined chain of affects in the spectator. Une étendue is thus, in this sense, a drama, but a primarily functional, self-dictated, self-generated one. It is grounded in internal necessities, in the passing of thresholds (at once physical, musical, linguistic, causal…). The spectator observes a process in which space and time are stripped bare, right to the bone. Or space alone, rather, for what develops over time (drawn-out periods, repeated, fragmented, fractured periods and cuts) gives rise to the inauguration of space: once again inaugurating what gets played out in the area, in the hollow of the built environment.

Then the emergence of dance begins — laden with inserts, stealth fictions and cut-ins. Then dance itself emerges, crackling with images yet only to better dissolve them and, ultimately, attain a cleansed, emerging, inaugural space. Marveling at the animated bodies, at their coming to life amid motionlessness, amid the solidness of the built environment, marveling at their being time and extension. Marveling at the animal born of stone, or born of what appears to be linoleum.
An unprecedented, active ritual is being shared, made available: it demonstrates a spontaneous, new, sharp-edged, tangible genesis, a vision aid. It tests what contains us, the points of reference that carry us along. Testing what we are made of.

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