• Research lab started in 2003 by Rémy Héritier, with the following participants: Albane Aubry, Ondine Cloez, Maeva Cunci, Matthieu Delaunay, Audrey Gaisan Doncel, Hélène Iratchet, Annabelle Pulcini, Guillaume Robert, Delphine Sainte-Marie, Eric Yvelin.
  •  The sessions ran in July 2003 in Ladirat (in the Lot), September 2004 in Angers, December 2007 and June 2008 at the Malterie (Lille).

Campagne(s)? takes on several meanings. Firstly, places in the countryside (a farm in the Lot, a factory on the outskirts of Angers), then ‘taking the field’ to explore, i.e., a very wide-ranging exploration, like the Impressionists who investigated colour for instance, or soldiers scouring the countryside in Russia or elsewhere. Campagne(s)? is about: working alongside one another without having the (primary) intention of working with one another; sharing the same space; making the question of ‘being’ together operative by focusing solely on the question of ‘doing’ alongside one another; and working without being directly concerned with other people, up to the point when it becomes an issue for the work and the need to incorporate other people makes itself felt.
Campagne(s)? is both a head-on and collateral inquiry into the relationship we entertain with the creative act. How do we sacralise the creative act and in which ways are we dependent on this sacralisation?
Campagne(s)? is an investigation that has no immediate concern with productivity. It is a working stance which, in my view, enables one to bring fundamental artistic issues to the fore.

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